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Beautiful office spaces bring profound value to the workplace by sparking inspiration, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, and setting the tone for success that goes beyond hitting benchmarks. When supported and surrounded by beautiful, functional design, individuals are more likely to feel valued and strive to meet their potential.

Following standard interior design trends isn’t always the best approach when you’re going for cool office spaces that grab attention and inspire greatness. An eye for detail and a willingness to embrace modern concepts can lead to some of the best creative office spaces.

Modern glass wall partitions offers an abundance of potential for crafting unique, one-of-a-kind spaces with exquisite aesthetic quality. Geometric patterns, frosted finishes, curved panels, bold frames – there are so many ways to modify glass panels to create cool office designs that capture the company identity and provide a beautiful place to work.

Creating Great Office Designs with Glass Walls

With only 27 seconds for guests to form a first impression, interior design should be immediately striking and distinct. The best office spaces express a blend of form and function, by offering value on several levels. To determine what designs may be best for your office building, keep these questions in mind:

1. Does the Design Inspire Creativity?

Traditional office designs with modest interiors are better for establishing stability and standardization. Cool creative office space ideas should embrace new thinking and help the team feel supported when proposing fresh ideas or products.

2. Does the Design Express Company Culture?

For some organizations, aesthetics are a central thread of their identity and purpose. Can you imagine inspirational companies – like Condé Nast or Estée Lauder – headquartered in a space with standard decor? Custom glass wall partitions help bring vision and character to office spaces that are utilized by thought leaders.

3. Are the Aesthetics Functional?

Beautiful design elements shouldn’t disrupt or distract from office operations. On the contrary, well designed office spaces blend form and function in a way that bolsters productivity. Using glass walls intentionally can help improve the spirit of collaboration, break up space appropriately, and improve working conditions, like adding natural light and transparency.

Draw Inspiration From the Best Office Workspaces

These projects highlight a few of the amazing office spaces that are possible when our beautiful glass walls are used in innovative ways:


Cool Office Spaces: PepsiCo

With contemporary sofas, long tables, and glazed glass wall dividers, this dynamic workspace supports a variety of working styles while encouraging creativity and movement, ideal for a multinational corporation with a global presence.

Our Revolution 54 Shoreditch Edition double glazed wall partitions were selected for this project to achieve an excellent balance of privacy and light-filtering capabilities. The acoustic glass walls maintain sound privacy as well, while filtering natural light and creating an open feel for this industrial, loft-inspired office space.

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder

Glass walls are an essential part of this unique workspace that bridges collaboration between 25 distinct brands. As a multinational cosmetics company, Estee Lauder required an agile space that felt visionary, innovative, distinct, and collaborative.

Glass walls and doors are ideal for creative office spaces that demand a wide range of adaptability and connection while still ensuring quiet spaces for private meetings and focused work. A variety of single glazed systems and framed glass doors with bespoke bronze handles were used for offices and meeting rooms, while our Kinetic Aero sliding doors proved perfect for small spaces and independent work stations.

Condé Nast

Cool Office Spaces: Condé Nast

Recognized for their iconic sense of style, Condé Nast embraces an architecturally striking look in its London headquarters. The open ambiance is filled with natural light and it embraces a sleek, streamlined aesthetic that is absolutely perfect for this globally acclaimed publishing house.

Our Shoreditch Edition glass walls and doors were selected to achieve this distinct aesthetic that embraces connectivity and transparency while also providing acoustic performance and a minimalist style. The gorgeous black lattice framework brings architectural interest to the glass walls in this office space – combining structural stability, functionality and style.


Cool Office Spaces: BASF

Within a massive commercial property that houses over 7,500 local and international companies, creating a distinct look and feel was essential for chemical producer BASF. Relying on bold color and unique patterns to express unmistakable character, BASF was able to create one of the most amazing office spaces for their team.

With two massive towers and a curved surface, calling the exterior of this building ‘bold’ would be an understatement. Dynamic colors, textures and shapes – including the geometric pattern on the PurOptima 117 Plus glass walls – mirror the daring design of the exterior while also creating a custom feel for BASF’s office space. A mixture of shared workstations and conference rooms deepen the dynamic feel of this cool office space.




Innovative and rustic design elements – including the wood accents, calming color palette, and curved glass – were the perfect hybrid approach to express the tradition and vision of WD-40’s brand.

With a stylish aluminum framework, our PurOptima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition single glazed partitions feature an eye-catching curve, preserving privacy while maintaining an ambiance of collaboration and connectivity. Natural light filters through the space, muted by neutral tones to embrace a unique and pleasant aesthetic.



Sustainability was at the forefront of the redesign for the Mazars Headquarters in London. By choosing reusable glass wall systems that enable changeable office layouts that adapt to the needs of the team, Mazars saves 57.4% of the carbon emissions at their new London office.

By reusing Revolution 100 double glazed wall partitions and Edge Symmetry doors for the new office layout, this project cut material waste significantly during the remodel. Because they are crafted with an exceptional level of quality and durability, PurOptima glass wall systems are an excellent approach to investing in long term sustainability – without sacrificing on design.

These are just a few of the creative office designs possible with our glass walls . For awesome office spaces that showcase beauty and innovation, contact our team today!

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