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Natural daylight in offices of BASF Dubai   

Jafza One is one of the most impressive commercial structures in new Dubai. The building has been described as a “unique flagship commercial property” connecting over 7,500 local and international companies. Above all, offering businesses, such as chemical producer, BASF a ‘vibrant, dynamic working environment’.

Jafza One, Dubai



The grand exterior

In short, two modern glass towers stand side-by-side bridged by two separate walkways. These ‘link bridges’ are what gives the building its bold, modern aesthetic. The tower’s exterior is perfectly curved, a technical feat which is a testament to the precision of the building’s design. Consequently, the rewards are obvious in the overall grand and imposing aesthetic of the building’s exterior.

Striking colour and trends

On entering BASF’s offices on level 15, your senses are overwhelmed by contemporary charm and vibrancy inspired by the original design. The main contractor, INC has effectively lifted the space by installing bright furnishings into an office lined with modern stonewashed walls. In addition, architect Bluehaus ingeniously used a large array of colour contrasts to make the 1640m² space inviting and welcoming.

Feature walls of bright green and blue separate areas, such as office spaces, open social areas and individual working rooms. The use of colour in these offices reflects the nature of a business wanting to stay on trend with design.  As a result, the office has varying amounts of natural light, these spaces suit specific purposes. Natural daylight in offices was highly sought after by Bluehaus, the intention being to focus on the wellbeing of employees. On the other hand, spaces in the dining area are dimly lit allowing focus where natural light could be distracting.

Natural daylight in offices

Bluehaus have cleverly infused the dining space with elements of nature giving a calming influence. For example, timber doors, wooden wall fittings and wooden planters with vibrant green potted plants decorate the space. Furthermore, Optima 117 Plus extenuates the quirky elements of the room. Using translucent manifestation printed with a geometric pattern provides a striking contrast to the coloured furniture. This also serves as visual privacy, protecting those inside from outer distractions.

Where we fit in…

Optima 117 Plus was the ideal choice of partition for the BASF offices for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Optima 117 Plus seamlessly fits in with the contemporary elements of Bluehaus’ original design. Secondly, our partition is dynamic in its ability to house both timber doors and the stunning glass Edge Symmetry door. Thirdly, it has an impressive acoustic rating of Rw38dB with only single glazing! Tried and tested, proving great protection from noise from within the dining area, as well as looking modern and elegant.

Our Edge Symmetry doors also provide a stylish entrance to the open-plan seating area. This sleek glazed door in a microflush frame provides a harmonious transition between the busy dining space and the open, light seating area. The Edge Symmetry door along with the Optima 117 Plus partitions also allows natural daylight in offices to flood the space. This works with the original design as it allows the brightly coloured seating to stand-out with striking contrast against the wood floor and timber shelving fixtures.


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