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Reusable glass walls help Mazars build a sustainable office for the future

Mazars recently completed the fit-out of their new office space at 30 Old Bailey in London. This open and airy office has been designed with hybrid working in mind, offering employees a flexible workspace. Working in collaboration with main contractor BW Interiors and architects HLW International, we created a dynamic working environment that empowers Mazars’ teams to take control of how they work. Our glass wall partitions and door systems create an open plan feel to the space whilst maintaining an aspect of privacy throughout.

30 Old Bailey, London

HLW International

BW Interiors

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Mazars save 57.4% of the carbon emissions at their new London HQ with our reusable glass walls

In collaboration with carbon consultants Tunley Environmental, we have identified the emission sources and calculated the data to show how measurable change can be made through the reuse of our glass walls. Tunley conducted an independent assessment to quantify the carbon emissions associated with reusing and repurposing our products for Mazars’ fit-out compared with installing completely new products. The total carbon emissions in tonnes of carbon dioxide for reusing our products was 10.0 tCO2e compared with 23.4 tonnes. As a result, by reusing most of the products, Mazars saved a massive 13.4 tonnes of CO2 or 57.4% of GHG emissions in comparison with the installation of the same completely new products. Therefore, this is equivalent to the emissions from burning approximately 4.7 tonnes of charcoal. This is a significant carbon saving by reusing our glass walls and doors. See the full Carbon Assessment Report from Tunley Engineering for more information.

Committed to developing sustainable glass partitioning solutions

This carbon assessment demonstrates our commitment to developing the most sustainable solutions for our clients whilst also improving our environmental performance as a manufacturer. It also provides us and Mazars with a clear evaluation of the carbon emissions associated with the project and highlights how carbon emissions can be reduced by reusing our glass walls. We believe it is our responsibility to take every step to minimise the carbon footprint associated with our products whilst delivering the high-quality projects our clients expect from us. 

Reuse Service comes into its own at Mazars

Building a sustainable office space was crucial for this leading international audit, tax, and advisory firm. They wanted to create a space that had as little impact on the environment as possible, whilst still delivering a high-performing workspace. With this in mind, Mazars chose to take advantage of our Reuse Service. This initiative supports our clients whilst giving us full control over the lifecycle of our products. This inspiring project consisted of a combination of both new and reused glass partitioning systems. We were able to take Revolution 100 double glazed partitions and Edge Symmetry doors from a previous project in the building. By reusing 60% of the existing products across Mazars’ new office, we seamlessly reintroduced them back into the supply chain whilst meeting their bespoke design needs. Reusing both of these outstanding acoustically rated products also ensured we were able to maintain acoustic performance throughout the design. The modular nature of our systems meant we could quickly and easily relocate our products from project to project.

Minimising material use

During the takedown, we also managed to save on average 60% of all the track work. This achievement enabled us to further enhance the environmental performance of the fit-out. With only very minor blemishes, we made slight touch-ups to the framework without the need for re-powder coating. This not only kept lead times to a minimum but also eliminated any emissions associated with re-manufacturing. Both Mazars and ourselves are focused on minimizing material resource use to reduce the impact on the environment around us. It’s for this reason the Reuse service provided the ideal solution for this innovative project.

Reducing our environmental impact

By reducing the material manufacturing stage from the process, the Reuse Service also inherently minimized the level of associated greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing the overall environmental performance of Mazars fit out. In addition, by storing all the existing systems on-site we eliminated any carbon impact associated with transporting our products. Storing the systems on-site offered the additional benefit of reducing the chance of damage to the systems prior to re-installation.

We are proud to say that 92% of the waste from this site was recycled using the innovative Recycling Bag we brought to site with all deliveries. All protection and packaging used during the fit-out was bagged and taken back to our manufacturing facility where it was reused or separated for the appropriate recycling. Furthermore, our Building Information Modelling capabilities played a huge role in this project. As a result, the project exceeded expectations in the delivery of creative and sustainable solutions.

Award-winning reusable glass walls 

We are incredibly proud to have won the Partitioning (small contracts) category at the Finishes and Interiors Sector 2023 Contractor Awards! Well done to HLW, BW Interiors and everyone who delivered this circular project. Here’s what the judges had to say:

“On inspection, it is hard to see that the high-quality installation is formed from preloved elements. Overall, an excellent finish was achieved.”

Working with us

Looking back over the project, Senior Project Manager, Alex Smith from BW Interiors commented: 

“We never had any issues and they are a pleasure to work with.  The whole team was very organised on-site and worked seamlessly alongside us, making the project such a success. Special mention goes to Site Supervisor, Steve Boakye, who did an excellent job throughout the fit-out”. 

A word from our team

“We enjoyed working closely with Design Manager, Ruby Taylor from BW to bring her inspiring design to life. This was a fantastic project to work on, especially as we could utilise our new Reuse Service. We were able to reuse over 60% of the existing glass partitions and door systems, offering Mazars a fantastic sustainable, cost-saving solution”. Federico Avanzi, Project Manager

I and the whole installations team embraced the challenge of working on this unique project for Mazars. It provided a great opportunity for us to build our skill set and develop how we work on site. I’m very pleased with how my first reuse project went and I’m looking forward to working on many more in the future”. Steve Boakye, Site Supervisor

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