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Crystalia may be a big name in glass wall systems, but it’s not the only choice on the market. In fact, there is a better alternative to Crystalia glass – one that prioritizes sustainability and creative adaptability to help you specify with confidence and reduce your carbon footprint.

Glass partitions remain a stylish choice for interior wall solutions. Take a look at the options available for Crystalia glass walls and the best alternative on the market – PurOptima – to find the ideal glass wall system for your office.

Understanding the Allure of Glass Walls

Interior glass wall systems are highly sought after because they provide the illusion of space without giving up dedicated rooms. Visibility is improved via glass partitions, which makes the room feel larger and more open, yet acoustic performance is preserved and even enhanced. For these reasons, glass partitions are ideal for use in a wide variety of commercial spaces, including banks, libraries, law firms, restaurants, hotel conference centers, and more.

Glass partitions are also becoming wildly popular in residential spaces as well. Unique, bespoke designs can yield a sophisticated appearance that enhances interior decor and expresses unique character for the living space. Framed glass wall partitions, curved installations and colorful finishes, all allow for extensive customization and creativity. These features and more make glass wall partitions perfect for any building installation, whether residential or commercial.

The best glass wall systems are those that offer high-quality design potential and provide an advanced level of acoustic performance. Superior glass wall systems also offer adaptable options, so that the glass partitions can be demounted and reinstalled in different configurations to provide flexibility without material waste. Sustainable solutions like this are an efficient and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and incorporate the Circular Economy without compromising the utility and beauty of your design.

Standard Choice: Crystalia Glass Wall Systems

Crystalia glass walls are well-known for their variety of products. Crystalia offers custom steel glass partitions, aluminum glass walls, frameless glass partitions, sliding glass doors, and glass railing systems to provide customers a sufficient amount of choice to design their ideal interior. Affordability is another benefit of a Crystalia glass wall system.

The Crystalia website clearly prioritizes selection, service, and affordability, but there are few things missing. For one, there’s no mention of the acoustic performance of the Crystalia glass wall systems. Reputable companies have their glass partitions independently tested so that their customers can understand the level of sound management they’re getting with each product and know what to expect. Acoustic performance is particularly important for commercial offices, like financial institutions and law firms, that need to maintain a level of privacy and confidentiality when meeting with clients.

Another component missing from Crystalia glass walls is information concerning the environmental impact of these products. Crystalia glass walls are similar to traditional walls in the sense that they are fixed in place. Crystalia does not offer an abundance of resources to inform their customers about the sustainability of their production processes or materials, so there may not be many environmental standards being met.

Best Crystalia Alternative: PurOptima Glass Partitions

PurOptima is considered the best alternative to Crystalia glass for several reasons. Unlike Crystalia, PurOptima provides products that are designed to deliver an exceptional level of acoustic performance. PurOptima’s experienced team can provide tailored consultations to help you find the right glass partitions for your design needs, so you can be confident in the performance of their products.

PurOptima is dedicated to crafting sustainable products that are better for the environment and better for your long-term costs! Not only are they committed to using a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer aluminum in their products, but their glass wall systems are also designed to be reusable and reconfigurable, which means that you can change up the layout of the rooms without creating excess material waste. This not only offers a financial saving but it also reduces the carbon emissions associated with your project.

In fact, PurOptima takes a holistic approach to sustainability, so their ethical standards don’t just stop at recycled materials and a circular approach to their products. They are also committed to social and economic ethics in their workplace and have even earned an EcoVadis Silver rating for business sustainability.

These are added benefits in addition to a variety of exciting glass wall styles and bespoke PurOptima designs that can elevate the interior and create functional workspaces that remain adaptable so you can reconfigure your layout down the line, if needed.

While Crystalia glass wall systems are affordable and stylish, PurOptima provides additional benefits that outweigh those of Crystalia. Sustainability, bespoke design, acoustic performance, adaptability, PurOptima offers a premium selection of glass partitions to expand the possibilities for your home or business.

Contact PurOptima today to explore an impressive selection of glass partition systems and find the smart, beautiful, cost-effective solution for your space!

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