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Office life has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Shifting expectations of the office environment can be seen directly in the evolution of recent workplace design trends. To attract – and retain – employees, modern day office designs need to be creative, fresh, and collaborative.

How can you integrate these concepts into the modern office layout? Take a look at 6 modern office design trends that are no longer optional – they’re essential to fostering a sustainable, healthy workplace with long-term success:

The 6 Best Modern Office Design Trends and Ideas

1. Open Layout to Foster Connectivity

Open Layout to Foster Connectivity

Being packed away and isolated in small cubicles is something we may never see again in office design. Modern office space ideas are much more tailored around movement and the ability for colleagues to collaborate.

Even when working independently, employees want to feel a sense of connection with coworkers – they want to see and be seen. Glass wall systems are an ideal way to boost transparency and embrace an open floor plan without entirely eliminating designated office areas and maintaining acoustic privacy.

2. Lounge and Game Room for Organic Community Building

Lounge and Game Room for Organic Community Building

An open floor plan is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a modern office layout design that feels collaborative. Having a ‘fun zone’ where employees can bond over a quick game of table tennis or chat about their weekend is essential.

Most modern office layouts carve out a distinct space for some type of organic team building, so that it’s easy to transition back to a work-ready mindset when the break is over. Glass partition systems with high-quality acoustic integrity are beneficial for these areas in order to keep the noise level contained while others are working.

3. Home-Inspired Spaces for Relaxation

Home-Inspired Spaces for Relaxation

Believe it or not, more employees are expecting to see some familiar comforts that remind them of home. This includes thoughtful interior design touches like cozy rugs, sofas, and floor lamps. Not only do these types of spaces provide a spot to sit down and take a break, they also provide a sense of comfort, connection, and relaxation that can help employees to feel more confident and welcome at the office.

When you add in glass partition walls, the sight of others, your fellow employees and compatriots, adds to a feeling of community and comfort. We humans need one another, and crafting an office space that is visually connected is an important part of providing a homeyness and relaxed atmosphere that positively affects efficiency and synergistic output.

4. Natural Light and Open-Air Feel

Natural Light and Open-Air Feel

From modern small office design concepts with just a handful of rooms to sprawling modern executive office designs with multiple floors, this trend extends across the board. In many studies, having an influx of natural light has been linked to higher levels of productivity, focus, and reduced stress.

Walk through any modern office layout that embraces a natural light concept, and you’ll likely find large windows, glass partitioning walls, live plants, and light interior design colors that help reflect the light and make the space feel more open. Interior glass wall partitions promote the flow of natural light throughout a workspace whilst still offering visual and acoustic privacy.

5. Small Group Spaces for Impromptu Collaboration

Small Group Spaces for Impromptu Collaboration

Versatility is key in modern office designs, and there should be multiple spaces that can be flipped at a moment’s notice to become a small meeting room or collaboration area capable of accommodating groups.

Designs that prioritize adaptability and flexibility are central to this idea. Workspaces with large tables, ample seating, transparent walls, and little-to-no clutter are key to a dynamic work environment. After all, employees can bring their individual laptops or tablets to the space for an impromptu collab, then pick up and go as soon as they’re finished. Keep decor down to a minimum, so forget about desktop gadgets – outlets, seating, and clear table space are the true decor essentials in these areas.

6. Ergonomic Workspaces That Promote Movement

Ergonomic Workspaces That Promote Movement

Finally, the ability to move is prioritized much more in modern office designs than in the past. With so much focus on health and wellbeing, companies now understand that some employees work better when they have the ability to move around. One way to incorporate more activity is to build adaptable, ergonomic desk spaces. Standing desks, treadmill desks, balance ball chairs, and sit-stand seats – all are great options to provide for team members who work better with a bit of movement.

This concept can also be integrated into the entire modern office layout by including a variety of spaces for employees to work from. No one wants to be cooped up in one enclosed spot all day. Provide multiple options, including shared desk spaces, pods, individual booths with acoustic integrity, and other areas. Employees may choose to move around throughout the day in order to keep energized and remain productive.

Work With PurOptima for the Best in Glass Partitions for Modern Office Design

Throughout all of these modern day office design trends is a consistent theme: openness and connectivity. Fostering a work environment that is adaptable, comfortable, and open can help workers feel supported and freer at work – which can ultimately lead to happier employees and a more productive team.

Ready to adopt a more modern day office design at your business? Glass partitioning walls are an easy way to get started!

Contact PurOptima today to explore an impressive selection of glass wall systems and find smart, beautiful and sustainable solutions for your modern office design.

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