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Glass wall partition systems – like those sold by NxtWall – provide a great way to divide space without giving up natural light, transparency, and an open floor plan. Utilized in commercial spaces, office buildings, higher education campuses, and throughout the service industry, NxtWall and other glass partitioning systems are a stylish way to create functional interiors.

Glass wall systems are anything but a one-size-fits-all design. Rather, they come in an abundance of styles to help you create a bespoke space that feels and functions exactly as you need it to. Get to know NxtWall systems, and the top alternative – PurOptima – to find the best glass wall partitioning for your interior.

Create an Ideal Interior with Glass Partition Walls

Office buildings, schools, libraries, shopping centers, banks, restaurants – glass partitioning systems are popular in nearly every industry. Open floor plans are the coveted interior layout that people are looking for these days, so preserving as much visibility and natural light as possible whilst maintaining acoustic privacy is key to creating a comfortable space. With a variety of applications from offices to meeting rooms, atriums, and more, glass partitions allow you to maintain an open atmosphere while also being able to divide the interior space in a practical way.

Depending on the level of privacy needed, different glass wall styles can help business owners create the best ambiance for their employees and guests. Collaborative meeting spaces, small meeting rooms, workspaces, conference rooms and break out areas – all of these essential office spaces feel more open and aesthetically pleasing when crafted from stylish glass partitions instead of traditional drywall. Unique manifestation designs, bespoke colored frame finishes and textures, provide additional options for customizing the look and level of transparency, while demountable designs deliver a long-term sustainable solution for growing businesses.

NxtWall and PurOptima both offer an extensive range of glass wall systems that are intentionally designed to be demountable, which means that the partitions can be disassembled and relocated for additional configurations to expand or divide interior spaces. Demountable designs are an excellent way to cut down on material waste and spending in the long term – especially if you anticipate redesigning the office layout in the future.

An environmentally conscious option that reduces waste, demountable glass partitions are a stylish option that complements modern office designs by embracing a more collaborative atmosphere.

Get to Know the NxtWall System

NxtWall is a well-known manufacturer that specializes in demountable architectural walls. Based in Michigan, NxtWall set up shop in 2007 and now serves customers throughout the country. NxtWall has an emphasis on fast service and affordability, to deliver long-term solutions via the demountable wall design.

Another benefit of NxtWall is that their products support LEED certification – a great mark for sustainable building design.

With that said, modern or experimental architects may find NxtWall products to be somewhat limited in design, as there isn’t much color or glass customization on display. For traditional office landscapes, NxtWall is a great choice. However, for those who envision a more customized or contemporary look, it may be a good idea to consider alternative glass partitioning systems.

A Better Alternative: PurOptima Glass Wall Partitions

NxtWall Systems: Other Alternative: PurOptima Glass Wall Partitions

With an abundance of single glazed walls, double glazed walls and doors to choose from, variety is a clear strong point of PurOptima. The breadth of design options gives builders a better opportunity to create bespoke interior spaces, whether that means sleek and simple frameless glass walls or more decorative partitions that express a unique stylized look.

PurOptima even has unique designs available that showcase the creative use of frame color and texture, as well as curved glass options . Bespoke designs are a great option for bringing character to specific rooms and gathering areas and bespoke is PurOptima’s standard. With plenty of opportunity for customization, original designs make it easier to express a distinct identity throughout the interior – a bonus for any organization with shared values and a sense of teamwork.

PurOptima Glass Wall Partitions

Acoustic performance is another advantage that PurOptima partitions have over NxtWall designs. PurOptima’s glass wall partitions have been carefully manufactured, and independently tested and certified to deliver high acoustic quality, meaning conversations are more easily contained within the room – even if the room remains visible through the glass. Acoustic integrity is key for preserving privacy and for reinforcing trust between employees and clients, which is why PurOptima’s glass walls are a great option for financial institutions, law firms, school settings, and other establishments where acoustic performance is particularly important.

Manufactured with Hydro CIRCAL, the lowest-embodied carbon aluminum available on the market, PurOptima’s glass walls offer clients the ideal solutions to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Made with a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled content, PurOptima’s decision to adopt this low carbon aluminum in their glass walls highlights their commitment to building a more sustainable built environment, fit for the future. These sustainable enhancements provide a huge win for companies looking to cut down their carbon footprint and embrace a more sustainable building strategy. With contemporary styles and customizable designs, glass partitions are a great way to create a collaborative workspace that feels professional and dynamic.

Contact PurOptima today to explore a full range of high-quality wall systems for a beautiful, functional and sustainable interior!

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