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If you’re searching for things to make your office space better, then you’re already on the right track. It goes without saying that the environment in which you work can have a massive impact on day-to-day morale, motivation, efficiency, and productivity. It’s important to know that design also plays a part in employee wellbeing.

This article provides an organized guide that highlights specific things to make your office better. Focusing on productivity, aesthetics, and employee wellbeing, these easy upgrades can make a world of difference in the workplace!

Better Surroundings, Better Work: Why Office Space Matters

Research suggests that a person’s environment can have incredible influence over their ability to focus, think creatively, and work efficiently. Interior design is extremely important in setting a specific tone for employees to feel supported and equipped to do their best work. If an office feels stylistically cluttered, cramped, or disorganized, those impressions can spill over into the actual work that’s being done. Whether an office is outdated or simply uninspired, an unpleasant atmosphere can have noticeable effects on employee morale and productivity.

Likewise, a mundane office can also affect the way individual workers interact with each other. Open floor plans and shared workspaces tend to encourage collaboration and teamwork, while dark, enclosed offices and cubicles tend to stifle creativity and communication between colleagues.

The good news is that even seemingly small changes can make a difference! Completing easy upgrades and adding small things to make your office better can lead to happier employees, stronger teamwork, and a more successful workplace overall.

Supporting Mental Clarity and Creativity

Certain changes can sharpen focus and encourage creative thinking in the workplace. Here are a few things to make your office space better suited for clarity and creativity:

Light-Filtering Glass Walls

Studies show that natural light is much more conducive to focus and productivity than artificial lighting. Take advantage of natural light by installing glass walls that help illuminate the office. Glass wall partitions can be customized with various privacy enhancements, like glazed finishes, reeded panels or bespoke patterns and manifestations, to reduce visibility while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Quiet Rooms and Individual Booths for Privacy

Things to make your office better - quiet rooms

With open floor plans becoming the norm, it’s important to provide a few dedicated spaces where employees can work in private for focused tasks. Individual phonebooths or meeting rooms with acoustic-performance glass walls can be a great solution that creates quiet spaces for phone calls without isolating employees.

Dynamic Work Stations for Collaboration

Things to make your office better - dynamic work space

Along the same lines, many modern offices now rely on shared tables that remain open for employees to collaborate as needed without booking an entire conference room. Dynamic desk spaces are ideal for offices with fast-paced work that requires quick and frequent collaboration.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Employee and visitor wellbeing is another significant area to make your office better and more efficient.

Natural Elements

Natural elements can improve the entire atmosphere of an office. Whether it’s the addition of low-maintenance potted plants or a full-blown installation of a water feature in the lobby, natural elements have the capacity to reduce stress, improve air quality, and create a more pleasant ambiance.

Home-Inspired Decor

Home decor within the workspace

Other things to make your office better include stylish sofas, rugs, lamps, and relaxation corners that create an atmosphere of comfort by resembling home.

All About the Aesthetics

Stylistic details can also make your office space b etter by improving the image of the company – and also creating an excellent first impression for clients and new employees.

Bespoke Details and Customization

Including personalized elements can give an office space more interesting character. Customized textile patterns, accent walls, and furniture can generate a sense of pride in the workplace.

On-Brand Messaging and Character

things to make your office better - on brand messaging

​​Adding brand-specific details can also give the office a unique identity that is memorable and encourages employees to take pride in where they work. Accent walls with bold, brand-specific colors and patterns can be striking, just as customized quotes or company values displayed on glass walls can help rally employee morale or showcase brand values.

Classic Materials: Glass, Metal, Wood

Glass, Metal, Wood

Some design choices are simply timeless.Glass, metal and wood are materials that have a classic aesthetic, to convey sophistication, charm and sustainability in an easy way.

Sustainable Office Planning

Sustainable choices can also make your office better by reducing the carbon footprint and cutting down on material waste. These easy upgrades can help you plan for the future and extend the life cycle of your office so another remodel isn’t needed anytime soon.

Multi-Purpose Spaces and Materials

Spaces that can double as a conference room or shared workspace are invaluable when it comes to saving space and creating an accommodating office.

Tech-Savvy Spaces

things to make office spaces better - tech-savvy spaces

Acoustic performance glass walls can help with sound control and create quiet rooms that are conducive to virtual meetings without losing the free, open feel of the office.

Reconfigurable Partitioning to Reduce Waste

Reconfigurable glass wall systems are designed to save time, and materials by providing a way to change the office layout without the need for significant construction.Not only do reconfigurable and reusable glass walls offer a smart way to design and redesign your space but they also offer a sustainable solution now and in the future.

If you’re looking for things to make your office space better, contact PurOptima to explore a variety of our beautiful glass wall and door systems. Enhance office aesthetics and functionality, while making your office space better!

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