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Pocket sliding doors are a stylish way to elevate an office aesthetic while also improving the functionality of the workplace. In addition to saving space which is essential in small offices and large operations alike—pocket sliding door systems have plenty of other benefits that can improve the overall functionality of the workplace.

Take a look at some of the various design options available and find the right pocket sliding glass walls and doors for your team.

How Much Space Can You Save with Sliding Pocket Doors?

It’s no surprise that sliding pocket doors are a practical solution for saving space. After all, pocket doors are intentionally designed to retract into the cavity of the wall when open, rather than sliding along the outside of the wall or swinging like traditional doors are designed to do. Running along an inner track installed above the doorway, pocket doors help maximize office space in order to free up room for more floor space to maximize the potential of the workplace. 

A comparison between pocket sliding door systems and traditional swing door systems show that the difference in space is significant. Standard interior doors are often built with 2/8 measurements, meaning the width is 2-foot 8-inches, or 32 inches. This is the minimum width recommended for use in building interiors. Builders would need to swing that 32-inch width 90 degrees in order to make room for a traditional hinge door, and that’s with the smallest width of standard door designs!.

To be ADA compliant, larger door widths—at least 36 inches—are recommended. Commercial spaces often opt for even larger designs. When you account for the swing space needed for the doors to fully operate, that’s a lot of floor space that must be kept clear.

Pocket sliding doors eliminate the need for any extra space since they slide back into the wall cavity. They free up valuable commercial space that office employees can take advantage of.

Different Types of Sliding Pocket Doors for Offices

Not all pocket sliding door systems offer the functionality needed for a high-traffic office landscape. These are some of the sliding pocket door mechanisms that are recommended for top performance in the workplace:

Bonus Benefits of Sliding Pocket Doors

Bonus Benefits of Sliding Pocket Doors

Saving space and delivering a heightened aesthetic aren’t the only big benefits of pocket sliding door systems! Here are a few other reasons why sliding door systems are popular in modern offices:

Compatible with Glass Wall Systems

Many offices use glass partitions and wall systems to boost the amount of natural light in the office and create an open feel. Double glazed walls are the perfect complement to these systems.


Modern sliding pocket doors are designed to be reused in the future to help reduce waste and provide a long-term payoff to the initial investment.

Versatile Dimensions

They are hidden when open, so pocket sliding doors can easily transform a space from two small rooms into one large room—very practical for dynamic workplaces.

Popular Design Concepts to Consider

The opportunities are endless when it comes to creating a beautiful pocket sliding door system that expresses a company’s unique brand and aesthetic. Here are a few details to consider during the design process:

Explore the Best Pocket Sliding Door Systems with PurOptima

Explore the Best Pocket Sliding Door Systems with PurOptima

As experts in glass wall and door systems, we offer a wide variety of bespoke styles to help you achieve the office setting you need and want. Blending form and function, we craft high acoustic performance with various finishes and hardware options to maximize the design and functionality of pocket sliding doors sliding office doors.

Contact PurOptima to explore an impressive selection of sliding glass doors and wall systems that are ideal for a modern workplace!

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