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Stylish Kinetic sliding glass doors and screens in BNP Paribas London office

In Moorgate’s Aldermanbury Square, BNP Paribas has moved into their stylish fit-out complete with attractive partitions and doors. The real estate agency now has an office to be proud of in one of the busiest commercial areas in central London.

Barbican, London

Three Sphere Workplace


Kinetic system

On entering the office space, fresh white furnishings and fixtures fill the working area. Following the space around you will see the Kensington Room. The room names in this impressive fit-out mirror the names of several London hotspots, giving an additional layer of familiarity to the offices. Kinetic Align sliding door and side screens make up the Kensington Room. The Reeded film provides visual privacy, ideal for private meetings. The Shoreditch design also provides an additional element of visual privacy and gives a modern aesthetic.

The sliding door saves space, providing enhanced practicality over a conventional pivoting door. This allows optimal space inside meeting rooms and offices, cutting out the swing arc of a typical pivoting door. As a system, the Kinetic Align sliding glass door and side screen are acoustically rated. Providing an acoustic barrier of up to Rw36dB.

The Kinetic Align door and screens also make the Greenwich Room, creating a bright, attractive board room. This configuration gives a different dynamic within the space. The Reeded manifestation allows light to cascade through, while still allowing privacy into the board room.

Optima 117 Plus

Across the open-plan working space, Overbury had the intention of having defined working areas. As a result, we installed attractive Optima 117 Plus partitions with Shoreditch Edition banding. These partitions prove stylish and effective as a means of dividing space. The Reeded manifestation proves an element of visual privacy as well as providing a consistent texture to the glazing.

In addition to partitioning space, Optima 117 Plus fins add to the style of the fit-out. These quarter-sized partitions were installed above communal seating, giving framing to the area and allowing light to enter the space. 


Optima 117 Plus fins function as more than a means to split the space. They also work well in framing the Edge Affinity door as an entrance to the kitchen. The use of Shoreditch bands on this system is effective in creating aesthetic harmony with the kitchen’s linear wall patterns, which uses black lines as a design feature.

The Edge Affinity door is also installed to give a modern appearance. In addition to working with the theme of the rest of the kitchen, the door also provides a respectable acoustic rating of Rw39dB. This reduces noise intrusions between the office space and kitchen, providing an excellent working environment.

In conclusion…

Overall this space boasts beautiful modern flairs with the functionality of efficient working space. Boardrooms and meeting areas provide a space with little chance of disturbance whilst smaller meeting rooms allow for focused individual work. We worked hard in designing and fitting these partitions to give the best working environment possible. It is clear to see that these efforts have been proven successful from, not only the overall aesthetic of the office, but the functionality also.

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