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Revolution 100 Double Glazing

Revolution 100 double glazing is a stunning dry jointed system which achieves outstanding acoustic ratings, comparable to blockwork partitions. It has its own range of specially designed high acoustic doors. This 100mm wide system easily converts from double to single glazing or vice versa, allowing you to maintain the same visual appearance across a work space, whilst addressing varying acoustic requirements.

Glazed Partition Revolution 100 Head

Head Condition

This versatile system can incorporate a number of extruded aluminium deflection heads. Both inner and outer deflection heads are available, to suit your design intent, and can accommodate up to +/-25mm or +/-40mm deflection. In cases where no deflection is required, a simple 25mm or 50mm extruded aluminium head channel is all that is required.

Glazed Partition Revolution 100 Base

Base Condition

The aluminium base channel can either be 25mm or 50mm deep, depending upon your desired aesthetic.

Glazed Partitions Panel Dimensions

Panel Dimensions

Revolution 100 double glazing can accommodate glass panels up to 1500mm wide, subject to height, configuration, and site logistics. Please contact our Technical Team to discuss the unique requirements of your scheme.

Glazed Office Partition Interpanel Joints

Interpanel Joints 

The use of dry-glaze gaskets in the Revolution 100 double glazed system makes it quick and easy to install, without compromising on durability, aesthetics or acoustic performance. A number of discreet glass to glass dry joints are available, including clear PETG, flush aluminium, taped, or our virtually invisible patented Nebula™ joint. Alternatively, mullions can be introduced for a fully framed appearance.

Glazed Partitioning Acoustics PurOptima Adaptable Wall, Modular wall system


As with all of our products, the Revolution 100 system is laboratory tested for acoustic performance in a UKAS accredited laboratory, and full test reports are available upon request. Revolution 100 double glazing can achieve Rw45dB using two sheets of 12mm toughened glass and an impressive Rw52dB with one sheet of 12.8mm/ one sheet of 16.8mm acoustic laminated glass.

The acoustic test is conducted on a full height, multi-module screen with glazing joints and perimeter track-work; not simply a ‘window’ in a smaller sized opening. Testing samples using the latter method will generally give an artificially higher acoustic rating result and any results obtained in this way should be treated with great caution.

Glazed Partition Door PurOptima Adaptable Wall, Modular wall system


Revolution 100 double glazing can accommodate glazed and solid door sets from our standard range. It also has its own range of specially designed high acoustic doors. Thanks to huge advances that we’ve made in door sealing technology, our Elite series of glass doors can achieve, as standard, an acoustic performance that is comparable with bespoke acoustic timber door sets. Being glass, they have the added benefit of maximising light transmission.

Elite Symmetry and Elite Affinity are 100mm thick pivoting doors offering maximum sound-proofing. They are double rebated with two door frame seals, and additionally feature door edge seals on all four edges.

Elite Affinity features a 78mm wide stile which can accommodate a dead lock, sash lock or latch. The Elite Symmetry door features a minimal 48mm non-lockable stile with just 18mm visible on the corridor side when the door is in its closed position.

The maximum door for both Elite Symmetry and Elite Affinity height is 3000mm.

In tests, Elite Symmetry has achieved an impressive Rw43dB as a fully operable door set. Elite Affinity takes things to another level, achieving an incredible Rw45dB as a fully operable door set. These impressive results mean that timber door sets are no longer the only option when specifying high performing acoustic office partitions.

Revolution 100 also has its own pocket sliding door. The Elite Aero door has been tested to achieve Rw39dB.

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