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With practical benefits that support workers, more companies are seeking open office designs with distinct styles. From improved company culture to increased flexibility, open office workspaces have become the preferred arrangement for startups and traditional companies alike.

Whether creating a coworking space or a centralized office with a team-based layout, there are many advantages to embracing an open office workspace design. Discover the benefits of adopting an innovative open office design and explore examples of how this unique approach to interior design can support the productivity and success of your organization.

What is Open Office Design?

Open floorplans have been utilized in residential design for years, but this unique interior strategy has crossed over into the business world as well. Open office design essentially places employees into a singular shared space with fewer solid walls. Visibility is increased, as is access to tools and equipment, since distinct, single-purpose rooms are replaced by hybrid spaces. It’s common to see lounge areas, computer terminals, conference rooms and break-out areasall within close reach in an open office design.

Though it may seem like a simple concept, creating open office workspaces is not as simple as getting rid of walls and putting everything into one shared space. Creative interior design is essential to establish a fully functional open office design complete with unique zones that provide adequate privacy and allow workers to focus. The use of glass wall partitioning and other innovative materials is essential to this goal of providing distinct spaces that improve the flow of the workplace without sacrificing the feel of an open concept design.

Whether you’re designing a coworking space for independent contractors, a team-based office layout, or a full open office design with a variety of conference rooms and desks in a shared space, becoming familiar with the design principles and benefits of open office workspaces can help you create a personalized layout that’s ideal for your workplace goals.

According to Experts, Open Office Design Is Taking Off

Is open office design just a fad? Absolutely not, according to experts. In fact, this transformational approach is a logical response to the ways in which most people conduct business compared with generations past. As technology and project needs change over time, so do the spaces in which workers need to accomplish these tasks.

Just as individual cubicles became the norm as computers replaced more traditional forms of note-taking and dictation, now there has been a greater shift away from stationary workplaces to accommodate the need for more dynamic projects and tasks. Virtual meetings, mobile devices, content creation, and spontaneous collaboration have transformed the ways in which employees work – and the settings in which they feel most comfortable getting work done.

As collaboration and connection become core values of conducting work, open office workspaces are the natural next-step in the evolution of the office landscape. In other words, open office design is not a stylistic fad – it’s a practical solution that’s here to stay!

5 Benefits of Open Office Workspaces

5 Benefits of Open Office Workspaces

There are a multitude of benefits that come with creating a thoughtful open office design. Take a look at a few advantages of embracing this innovative office landscape:

1. Increased Collaboration and Creativity

Taking down solid walls and increasing visibility not only lends a practical advantage of spurring collaboration and connectivity, it also embraces an out-of-the-box approach to thinking that promotes creativity and innovation. Employees are encouraged to exchange ideas and work together more effectively. Glass walls offer a great office solution as they maintain the open plan style whilst offering unique spaces for private, meetings or brainstorming.

2. Improved Company Culture

Working in an isolated space can train employees to adopt a more reserved working style in which exchanges are far and few between – sometimes limited to quick conversations at the coffee station. Open office workspaces allow for more natural and organic exchanges to take place throughout the day, to improve connections and strengthen the company culture overall. The introduction of glass wall partitions further improve company culture as they allow natural light to flow through the space, creating a comfortable and healthy environment. What’s more, glass walls allow colleagues to conduct solo work whilst still feeling connected to the wider office.

Improved Company Culture

3. Flexibility in Choosing Where to Work

Another advantage to implementing open office workspaces is that employees are given the freedom to choose where they work. The flexibility of choosing one’s seat for the day can give employees a sense of control that translates into greater confidence in their work.

4. Unique Surroundings Promote Mental Health and Wellness

In addition to giving workers the power of choice and freedom to move around as they like, open office workspaces also offer more aesthetically pleasing design components that create a more balanced landscape to spend the day in. Having a lounge area or kitchenette nearby can help the office feel like a more supportive space, compared to traditional cubical-based offices that tend to feel sterile and cold. This subtle shift in aesthetics can reduce stress and improve employee wellbeing. Glass walls are a great option for clean separation of these spaces without completely breaking up the open floor plan. Clear division is created from the work and break areas whilst still maintaining a connected feel to the office.Unique Surroundings Promote Mental Health and Wellnessopen office design

5. Agile Workspaces Adapt to Changing Team Dynamics Without Remodeling

Another practical benefit of creating an open office workspace is that companies aren’t restricted to a single floor plan with limited uses. With a variety of potential layouts, open offices can easily adapt to the changing needs of the business – whether that means splitting up tables into individual work stations or expanding a small conference room to accommodate more people.Completely modular glass walls can quickly and easily be adapted to the changing needs of a business, offering real design freedom when it comes to reconfiguring the open office workspace in the future.

Find the Best Glass Wall Partitions to Lead Your Open Office Workspace Design with PurOptima

Having the right materials can make all the difference when it comes to creating a successful open office workspace. At PurOptima, we can help by providing an abundant selection of outstanding acoustic performance glass walls that are specifically crafted for unique office settings. When looking to create a modern, open office workspace, glass wall partitions are the heart of design.

Learn more about us here and start designing the perfect open office design for your organization!


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