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The right office renovations can result in dramatic improvements to a modern work environment, but identifying the right revamp for your space can be complicated.

The key is to invest in targeted office renovations that can deliver the biggest impact with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. This article provides some foolproof design strategies that can add instant charm, functionality and performance to any commercial office space.

Top 7 Commercial Office Renovations

One reason that leaders are hesitant to commit to office renovations is the fear that remodeling will interrupt work and cause teams to fall behind on important tasks. Even when office renovations are desperately needed, some organizations choose to forgo necessary design changes because they simply can’t afford to put operations on pause. However, not every renovation project has to cause interruptions!

These top office renovations have been selected for their significant contributions to creating a more modern work environment, as well as their ease of installation. In many cases, these office renovation ideas can be completed quickly with minimal interruptions to day-to-day office operations.

It’s amazing how small changes can make such a big difference! Take a look at the top seven commercial office renovations recommended for companies looking to modernize their interior design and add practical improvements to support workers:

1. Apply Fresh Paint with On-Brand Palette

A fresh coat of paint can truly transform a space. One mistake that designers make is to stick with a purely on-trend design based on current styles. This can result in a generic look that lacks personality. While current trends should certainly influence the new paint job, a smarter strategy is to include brand colors when possible, as an accent wall for example. An intentional color strategy will bring a stronger sense of identity to the office space.

2. Swap Blinds for Sheer Window Treatments

Natural sunlight has been linked to productivity, focus, and employee morale and well-being in the workplace, so it’s no surprise that maximizing natural light is an absolute must in commercial interior design. Take inventory of how much natural light the office currently gets so you can identify areas for improvement. In some cases, swapping blinds or heavily patterned window treatments with sheer curtains or lightly tinted windows can be a game changer.

3. Replace Wall Dividers with Glass Walls

Commercial Office Renovations: Replace Wall Dividers with Glass WallsAnother way to increase natural light is to replace traditional wall dividers with glass walls. Designed to help divide office space while maintaining an open layout and stronger sense of transparency, glass walls and partitions are an excellent solution for creating a more light-filled office. Glass walls also offer high-performance acoustic solutions which can enhance not only privacy within an office design but also productivity and employee well-being. Glass wall partitions offer the ideal solution t o increase the flow of natural light through the office whilst maintaining fantastic acoustic privacy.

4. Bring in Natural Elements for a Healthier Work Environment

Bring in Natural Elements for a Healthier Work Environment

Biophilic design is rooted in bringing elements of nature into the workplace, which can enhance indoor air quality, productivity, and employee wellbeing. Adding a few low-maintenance potted plants is perhaps one of the easiest upgrades you can do. If you’re ready for a more significant office renovation, consider adding an indoor fountain or water feature to the lobby. Another option is to choose patterns or framed prints with natural elements – like a leaf pattern on a glass office wall – to achieve a similar effect.

5. Create Relaxation Zones on Each Floor

A cozy corner can go a long way when it comes to making employees feel supported at work. Instead of keeping the same old break room tucked away from all the action, weave in casual lounge areas throughout the office landscape to promote wellbeing.

Modern sofas, lamps and rugs can all be selected to create a distinct aesthetic that elevates the rest of the interior design scheme. Not only do these breakout areas work as spaces where employees can get away from the desk for a quick break with colleagues but they are also fantastic for having impromptu meetings. We all know creativity can hit at any time and great ideas come from a workforce who feel comfortable in their working environment.

6. Add Personalized Manifestations to Glass Office Doors and walls

Customization is prominent in the best commercial office renovations. Adding names, company values, or inspirational quotes to glass office doors and walls can be an easy way to personalize the work space and foster company pride and camaraderie.

7. Invest in Sustainable Furniture

Some design trends come and go in a flash. To get the most out of commercial office renovations, it’s best to stick with timeless styles and sustainable elements that offer long term value. Sustainable products – including multi-purpose tables and modifiable, modular glass walls can be a great option for anticipating the changing needs and styles of interior office decor.

For example, demountable glass walls are specifically designed to allow for numerous configurations, meaning office workstations can be made larger or smaller to adapt to the changing needs of the business. Need a larger conference room? Small group space? Individual work stations? Glass wall partitions can accommodate all these layouts and more.

Spend Renovation Money the Right Way with the Help of PurOptima Glass Walls

Instead of knocking down walls and completing major office renovations, reconfigurable, modular glass wall systems can simply be modified to change the office layout and provide more efficient, bespoke workspaces as needed.

Plan an office renovation that improves the practicality and aesthetic quality of your space with our glass wall partitioning systems at PurOptima. Contact us today to explore an extensive range of high-quality, low-carbon glass wall systems for a beautiful and functional office interior!

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