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Office privacy walls are a common solution for effectively dividing up commercial floor space without constructing fixed, permanent walls, but creating cubicles isn’t the only option for separating office spaces.

In fact, most modern offices have ditched the outdated cubicle design and are creating more functional spaces with glass walls that support employee productivity, provide mental health benefits, and enhance company culture.

Modern office dividers are the best way to create a functional work environment where employees and guests feel comfortable. This article highlights the benefits of various office privacy walls and offers recommendations for finding the best office separators on the market today.

Modern Dividers, Modern Living – Change Your Space for the Better

A significant aspect of interior design is about dividing space so that it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Room dividers are an excellent solution for creating intentional areas for work, relaxation, socializing, and more – without constructing permanent walls that can’t easily be adapted down the line. In fact, one of the greatest advantages of integrating room dividers in a large space is that they are easier to change when the room needs a refresh.

It’s no different in the workplace! Modern office dividers are the practical way to arrange interior space without wasting money and resources on permanent arrangements. Things change in the workplace, and being able to adapt to the growing needs of the business is a marker for success.

In both residential design and commercial design, there has been a strong shift away from enclosed, isolated spaces—common in traditional design—and an emerging preference for more modern solutions for dividing space. Latticework, frosted glass, and hidden pocket doors are all examples of some of the trends taking over.

These fresh approaches to dividing interior space can be used to create a healthier indoor environment—whether at home or at the office!

What Makes a Good Office Divider Great?

In the workplace, there are a few priorities that should take precedence when selecting office separators. Here are some key details of high-quality dividers for offices:

Different Material Types for Office Dividers

There are 3 main materials used for modern office dividers, each with their own pros and cons:


Fabric dividers can be highly effective at reducing noise in the workplace, and they are often associated with traditional, cubicle-style workstations, so they are a familiar choice. However, there are many downsides to fabric dividers, starting with the aesthetics. Fabric dividers tend to look and feel outdated, and they are terrible for bolstering natural light in the workplace. Sustainability is another concern, as Fabric office dividers are rarely fabricated with sustainable  materials.


Wood is a unique choice, and it can bring a distinct aesthetic that feels established and traditional. Many modern workplaces tend to avoid wood dividers because they can be quite heavy and difficult to maintain. Solid wood panels can block out too much light, eliminate the sense of office connectivity and collaboration.


Glass is a naturally stylish choice, as it communicates a sleek, modern style that can be adapted in many ways to achieve a custom aesthetic. Glass is great for boosting natural light in the office, and certain glass walls can also help contain sound. Glass walls dividers create an open office feel that encourages collaboration and communication.

Glass Walls Office Dividers Provide the Most Possibilities

Because of its unique advantages and opportunities for customization, glass is ideal for modern office dividers. Here are some unique glass separator styles to consider:

Real-Life Examples of Beautiful PurOptima Glass Office Wall Dividers

Modern office space with glass office dividers

With modern black lattice frames, the Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition wall divider design maintains an open floor plan that still effectively divides space for focus and acoustic performance. Natural light fills the offices and hallways to create a dynamic ambiance.

Office dividers separating cubicles

Colorful dotted manifestation  brings instant energy to the Revolution 54 Plus office divider walls and doors, fueling a sense of creativity and collaboration for these small group workstations. Bespoke patterns and finishes also add a layer of visual privacy to the rooms.

conference rooms with glass office dividers

Creating a curved hallway and unique conference rooms, these PurOptima office walls infuse the space with a sense of courage, innovation, and possibility. Transparency also adds functionality as team members can identify when and where meetings are taking place.

The possibilities are endless with PurOptima glass office dividers! Contact PurOptima today to discover an impressive selection of glass wall systems that can elevate any office setting – while also improving the functionality and sustainability of the space.

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