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Referring to maximising natural light in the workplace, designers use this term more frequently in contemporary interiors. Environmentally focused assessment standards such as BREEAM, LEED and SKA recognise the benefits of natural light. In addition the WELL Building standard recognises the impacts on employee well-being.

Natural light in the workplace at Bruntwood


Natural light in the workplace gives specific energy saving benefits, using less artificial lighting. Similarly, there are positive well-known health benefits. The less energy required to artificially light a building means cost and environmental savings. Furthermore, the positive effect on employees’ well-being and productivity gives greater returns on investment. 

Property developer and serviced office provider, Bruntwood recognise the benefits and now natural light is a feature of their stunning interiors.


Natural light improves satisfaction levels

People are generally rating their own satisfaction levels higher when they have good levels of natural light in the workplace. Exposure to natural light can improve occupant mood, alertness and overall health. Likewise, natural light can align our circadian rhythms promoting the right balance of alertness by day and quality sleep at night.

Good building design creates opportunities for daylight to flow through different interior areas. Cellular offices are a prime example of this where acoustic privacy may be a requirement. This is often a primary driver when planning interiors. Using glass partitions within a building contributes to the way natural light in the workplace flows internally. As a result, providing a more comfortable working environment.

Balancing acoustic privacy with natural light

Some designers  ingeniously use glass partitions in interior spaces where privacy is required. Certainly, the natural light from the office exterior window is often desirable for the adjoining interior space such as an open plan area. 

Natural light in the workplace at MoneySupermarketCafes are a good example, where some of the ambient sound is contained whilst the natural light still filters through the interior. The MoneySupermarket offices use the Axile Clarity frameless glass door to introduce more light into their stylish London based offices.

These creative designs, considering the use of natural light in the workplace, are not only aesthetically pleasing but are recognised as key components of the most progressive building standards.  BREEAM, LEED, SKA and WELL Building assessment standards all positively recognise designs which maximise daylight. With all the positive effects on us at work, it’s the way forward!

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