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Designing a conference room requires anticipating changing business needs and an eye for creating a space that is supportive of several styles of coworking. While many aspects of office and conference room design have remained the same, there are quite a few modern details that are necessary for today’s teams to thrive.

From glass wall partitions to hybrid spaces that incorporate tech, conference room design standards enable teams to adopt a dynamic approach toward work – and provide the logistical support needed to thrive. Continue reading to learn how to design a conference room that offers a supportive environment for a modern business to be successful.

3 Functional Layouts for a Modern Conference Room

From a big picture point of view, there are three main layouts to consider for conference room designs. Choosing the right layout really stems from the ability to identify the focus of the room. In other words, how will this modern conference room be used on a daily basis? Once you determine the main functions of the room, you can then begin visualizing the space.

1. Calling Booth Pods

Calling booth pods are small modern conference rooms that support 1 to 2 workers. Ideal for teams with remote colleagues and frequent video conferencing needs, mini conference room designs allow individual workers to have an acoustically soundspace that enables clearer communication during calls without isolating the workers completely. Stylish glass walls are used to provide natural light and visible transparency while delivering high-quality acoustic performance. It’s common for modern office layouts to have a handful of calling booth pods accessible on each floor for colleagues to use as needed.

2. Small Team Room

If group work and in-person collaboration is a daily occurrence, creating a small conference room can be a practical and effective choice. Most small conference room designs feature a focused space separate from the main offices that maintain an open, collaborative feel. As with calling booth pods, glass walls can create impressive acoustic performance while filtering more natural light and creating an open, dynamic feel to help foster creativity and collaboration.

3. Hybrid Spaces That Support Remote Attendees

Teams that anticipate professional presentations or remote workers connecting via video conferencing can benefit from hybrid conference room designs that offer both in-person accommodation, as well as large screens for video calls. The best conference room designs incorporate a hybrid approach, meaning the wall-mounted screen remains discreet or can be hidden when not in use, to shift focus back to the conference table.

6 More Important Details for State of the Art Conference Room Design

Once the purpose of the meeting room has been identified, it’s much easier to draft a functional conference room design that can provide adequate support for team members. Then, include modern details to enhance the look, feel, and performance of the space.

Here are six powerful design details that can elevate the form and function of office conference room interior design. Be sure to consider how each of these may add value to your corporate conference room design when deciding on the new space.

4. Natural Lighting

Stuffy, closed up office spaces are a thing of the past! Today’s workforce wants to see an abundance of natural light filling the space, which has been linked to productivity, mood, and creativity. Large windows and glass walls are ideal for filling a modern conference room with natural light.

5. Green Space

Along with light, a few touches of greenery can dramatically enhance the space. Low-maintenance indoor plants are much easier to care for when natural light is already abundant.

6. Glass Wall Partitions

Glass Wall Partitions

In addition to allowing light to fill the space, glass wall partitions are ideal for modern conference rooms because of the open design feel they provide. Glass partitions can enhance visibility, connectivity and collaboration, all while delivering outstanding acoustic performance.

7. Acoustic Performance

Important discussions are held in meeting rooms, so acoustic privacy is a priority. In addition to acoustically tested and certified glass walls, and doors, sleek soundproofing panels can be added to walls and ceilings to help with sound management.

8. Discreet Tech

Discreet Tech

While videoconferencing and presentations rely on big screens and advanced technology, there’s no need for these tools to detract from the interior design. Select office furniture, like cable-hiding desks and tables, that can equip the room with must-have devices while maintaining a clean, modern aesthetic.Smart technology such as room booking and building management systems can discreetly and elegantly installed into your design, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of the office.

9. Bespoke Branding

Modern conference room designs often incorporate color, texture, and other details that reflect the brand culture of the company. In addition to adding an on-brand color as an accent wall within the conference room, consider adding a company logo or aesthetic addition to the glass walls of the conference room to reflect the identity of the business whilst also creating visual privacy within the space.

Work with PurOptima to Design the Dream Modern Conference Room

The right design can make all the difference! Be sure to consider these conference room interior design ideas when remodeling. Ready to add a game-changing element?

Contact our experts at PurOptima today to explore a full range of high-quality, low-carbon glass wall systems for a beautiful and functional conference room interior!

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