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Beyond going green for the sake of the planet, there are many reasons to make your office space more sustainable. Employee retention, multifunctional office designs, energy cost savings, and reduced waste are just a few of the advantages of a more sustainable workplace.

With a couple smart swaps and intentional design choices, making the switch to an sustainable office space isn’t that difficult! This article provides several tips and tricks for small businesses, large office buildings, and even home office setups. Find the best ways to improve your workplace and make your office space more sustainable.

Office Sustainability – A Trend Spreading Like Wildfire

The trend towards environmentally-conscious design can be seen across every type of commercial industry. From transportation to clothing production and beyond, sustainability has become a clear business priority. When it comes to day-to-day office operations, it’s quite clear: sustainability is better for business.

In fact, research shows that about 80% of managers would be interested in enhancing office sustainability for the sake of improving employee retention efforts. Attracting workers – and keeping them – now requires a hard look at office sustainability. The majority of workers have made it clear that they want to contribute to companies that value sustainability in every shape and form, including workplace culture.

5 Reasons Why Office Sustainability is Important:

How to Make Your Office Sustainable

There are many ways to make your office space more sustainable. This step-by-step guide reveals 4 places to start when pursuing a more sustainable office landscape:

1. Improve the Office Lighting

Prioritize natural light first by installing larger windows or switching window treatments to designs that allow more natural light to filter in through the office space. Installing glass wall systems within the office further enhances the level of natural light throughout the office and creates an inclusive and collaborative workspace. Next, switch out all outdated light bulbs for energy-efficient LED lighting. Finally, install motion-sensor lighting in all common spaces, including restrooms, hallways, filing rooms, and storage areas.

2. Go Paperless

This is a no-brainer, and most companies have already started transitioning to digital solutions as a way to eliminate paper waste.

3. Add Insulation

You’d be surprised how big of a difference insulation makes when it comes to energy efficiency in an office setting. Smaller room sizes, proper window and door seals, and ceiling and wall insulation can do wonders for maintaining the right temperature in the office and reducing greenhouse gasses.

4. Replace Windows and Doors

Both the material and the design play a role in determining how sustainable office window and door systems are. Always opt for recycled or recyclable materials – glass, metal and wood are great choices – and seek out versatile designs that can be reused and rearranged down the line to accommodate a variety of office layouts.

Sustainability Tip for Home Offices

Small office spaces at home can also be adapted for sustainability. One of the easiest changes to implement is energy efficiency. Instead of cranking up the furnace or A/C for the whole home, give the thermostat a break and rely on a personal heater or fan to maintain an ideal temperature in your home office.

Look for Office Items That Can Sustain Long-Term Use

Having the right gear and office equipment can also help you adopt a more sustainable work style. Here are some items and materials that are great for sustainability:

Extra Resources for Promoting Sustainable Practices in the Office

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference. Be sure to have these extra items on hand to make your office space more sustainable for everyone who shares the space – and to encourage employees to adopt a more environmentally conscious lifestyle overall:

Take a Step Towards a More Sustainable Office Landscape with PurOptima

Sustainable office with a glass wall

Sustainable Office with a Glass Wall

Not sure where to start in the journey to a more sustainable office space? Versatile glass wall and door systems are an excellent way to make a big impact – and beautify your space. Glass walls allow more natural light to filter through the office, which means that employees have to rely less on artificial lighting.

At PurOptima, we specialize in sophisticated and practical office solutions that enable you to design a custom space that works perfectly for your team. Stylish, reuseable, low-carbon glass walls can be customized in many ways to help you achieve your office sustainability goals.

Contact our team today to explore beautiful solutions that can enhance sustainability efforts in your office!

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