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Designing a coworking space requires thoughtful consideration of materials, functionality, and aesthetics. Glass walls are often a pivotal piece of the puzzle that can provide a vast amount of designs and layouts that create a dynamic shared office ideal for coworking – a shared office with an articulated style, as well.

The best coworking design concepts using glass walls blend form and function in a way that feels fresh and exciting, but also practical. This article discusses how to design coworking spaces that actually work, while also delivering a refined, modern look that can be fine-tuned to capture a unique aesthetic for the office.

Re-thinking the Workplace

From Tokyo to Lisbon, New York to Melbourne, the conceptualization of the modern office building has witnessed a massive transformation in recent years. As companies begin welcoming employees back to the office, there has been a clear shift in mindset that is articulated in new coworking office space designs.

The trend is certainly shifting away from a dedicated physical space assigned to a single employee and heading toward more dynamic, multipurpose spaces designed to be shared and utilized in a variety of ways by different team members. This trend can be implemented in meeting rooms, gathering spaces, showrooms, and offices using a variety of modern, sustainable materials.

Open concept workspaces offer endless potential and possibility, which makes them much more adaptable than the traditional office landscape. Long tables, prolific natural light, mixed-use areas, soundproof spaces for creating content or hosting virtual conferences, lounge areas that inspire work-life balance, and dynamic interiors that spark creativity – the modern workplace has been reimagined, and it’s an exciting place to be!

Using Glass walls to Create a Culture of Collaboration

Beyond the practicality that comes from having mixed-use office coworking spaces, this new approach to creative coworking space design establishes a more collaborative atmosphere. Coworkers don’t just share the space – they share knowledge, skills, and ideas. Transparency and trust is heightened, for a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation.

Glass walls also boost the amount of natural light that can filter through the space, yielding a healthier work environment that can improve mood and focus. Plus, bespoke glass partitioning systems from PurOptima can be customized to express distinct patterns and colors. Glazed walls can also boost privacy without eliminating the benefits of natural light and while visibility remains, acoustic performance glass walls are able to keep sound pollution in check, which is ideal for creating quiet workspaces where employees feel comfortable holding important conversations.

8 Coworking Design Ideas that Blend Form and Function

Glass wall partitions have an incredible potential for enhancing coworking space design ideas. Take a look at a few of the unique applications of modern glass wall systems:

1. Lounges, Amenities, Meeting Rooms

Coworking Space Design: Lounges, Amenities, Meeting Rooms

Glass walls divide floor space in a way that still makes coworkers feel connected and in tune with the agenda for the day. Here, thin black frame work adds a stylish detail to the glass wall divider that separates a dedicated meeting room from the lounge area shared on the same floor.

2. Gathering Spaces

Gathering Spaces

In modern coworking space designs, traditional break rooms are replaced by more stylized spaces that can function as either a quiet area for colleagues to collaborate in a relaxed setting or a comfortable area to take a lunch break. Notice how our acoustic performance glass walls extend from booth to ceiling for effective noise control while still allowing natural light to reach the room.

3. Glass Wall Partitions

Glass Wall Partitions

Bold colors, hybrid lounge spaces, and dynamic patterns are prominent in coworking design concepts because they emanate an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. Glass wall partitions provide an easy way to embrace a dynamic office atmosphere, by increasing visibility while still dividing space in a practical way to allow for focused work. These glass wall partitions feature a gorgeous glaze pattern in the middle panel to establish greater privacy for each room.

4. Contemporary Glass Walls

Contemporary Glass Walls

Add definition to architectural details with our bespoke glass walls. Here, interior archways are embellished with glass to elevate the entire ambiance of this coworking space design layout. Inside, large tables provide ample space for individuals to collaborate or work independently without feeling isolated, while the exterior room is staged to provide a more relaxed atmosphere for socializing.

5. Showrooms

Coworking Space Design: Showrooms

Some of the best coworking space designs are housed in mixed-use buildings that provide a variety of options for workers, including shopping, cafes, restaurants, and showrooms. Contemporary glass walls create a distinct space for these areas to remain visible and welcoming, and can boost foot traffic and visitors.

6. Office Rooms with Workspace

Office Rooms with Workspace

Individuals who utilize coworking spaces often have a variety of needs. Providing different types of workstations can help support workers and adapt to their needs. An open concept coworking space can benefit from a few distinct offices that share the space to allow more private rooms for focused work, virtual meetings, and brainstorming sessions. Our glass wall systems offer exceptional acoustic quality that can create quiet areas while also maintaining the stylistic quality of the open floor plan.

7. Symmetrical Open Spaces

Symmetrical Open Spaces

Embracing symmetry is a classic design technique that can work great in shared workspaces with a clear focal point. Here, patterned glass wall partitions are situated on both sides of the main screen, to add a symmetrical style that looks well balanced.

8. Separate Rooms with Long Tables

Separate Rooms with Long TablesA minimalist-chic decor style brings sophistication to this dedicated coworking space design. Glass walls with black frame work provide a subtle boundary to divide the space into two rooms without eliminating the vast, open feel of the coworking space. Notice how a subtle change in furniture – low tables with office chairs in one room, high tables with cocktail-style seating in the other – offers options for individuals to get comfortable.

Glass Wall Partitions and Modern Design for Shared Spaces go Hand-in-Hand

Acoustic performance glass walls are invaluable in creative coworking space design. With glazed textures, patterns, latticework, tinted glass, and more, the possibilities are endless!

Visit our site today to explore the possibilities and find your ideal coworking space design with PurOptima!

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