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Corporate office interior design demonstrates thoughtful planning and intentional aesthetic choices, which means: a well thought-out office interior can be essential when it comes to improving workflow and the practicality of day-to-day office operations.

Extending far beyond furniture and decor, corporate office interior design takes a look at floor planning, acoustic performance, multi-purpose workstation strategies, accommodating a variety of work styles, opportunities for purposeful customization, and sustainable building materials. In other words, corporate office design is all about creating a purposeful aesthetic – one that enhances workplace logistics and productivity while also supporting employees in meaningful ways.

This article shines a light on corporate office interior designers that are making waves in the industry today. Showcasing a selection of the best corporate office interior designs, you’re encouraged to use these insights to spark inspiration for your next modern office interior design project.

Interior Design Can Impact Employee Wellbeing, Company Culture, and Productivity

Research shows that an individual’s surroundings can have incredible influence over their ability to focus, think creatively, and perform their best work, which emphasizes the importance of corporate office interior design.

Employee Wellbeing

Unlike the harsh artificial lighting used in outdated offices, natural light has been proven to improve focus, creativity, and employee well-being the workplace. For this reason, large windows and glass wall partitions are common features in modern office interior designs, as they allow natural light to filter through the space.

Company Culture

Having aesthetically pleasing surroundings, communication-forward office arrangements, and comfortable spaces to decompress are all important for reinforcing a company culture that honors the need for employees to feel respected and valued at work. Creating an atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration can be achieved with the right interior design choices, like an open floor plan and dynamic meeting rooms where teams can gather comfortably. Bespoke details, like company values or inspirational quotes featured on the walls, can also help reinforce company culture via design.


When individuals feel supported, they can achieve great things. Great corporate office design can lead to better productivity in the workplace by providing practical advantages, like acoustic integrity and privacy that helps workers focus, or increased connectivity that enables team members to collaborate with ease.

5 Corporate Office Interior Design Concepts to Know

We’ve rounded up five innovative organizations that showcase the best modern corporate office interior designs. Whether you’re just starting the design process or planning future upgrades, these corporate office interior design ideas should be on your radar:

1. Multinational Music Company – London, UK

The corporate office interior design of Multinational Music Company

With content creation becoming a significant part of marketing initiatives and brand awareness, having spaces that are optimized for media production are ideal. While every company can benefit from having acoustic integrity in their office space, it was an absolute must for the Multinational Music Company based in Kings Cross, London.

A variety of glass wall and door systems were utilized to adapt to the historic character of the building, including glass walls with brick-enclosed archways. The beautiful glazed wall increase visibility and enhance the industrial elegance of the building while providing impeccable acoustic performance, ideal for the inclusion of recording studios, live event spaces, and private offices.

2. Aura Power Headquarters – Bristol, UK

Aura Power Headquarters's Office Design

Stylish glass doors with sleek black frames enhance the organic aesthetic of white walls and wood flooring in this Bristol corporate office interior design. With an industrial-inspired aesthetic, the Aura Power Headquarters features an open floor plan, which creatively divides up the space with acoustic performance laminated glass walls This allows employees to enjoy dedicated workstations amidst an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.

3. Jazz Pharmaceuticals Office Space – Dublin, Ireland

Jazz Pharmaceuticals corporate office

Creating a distinct look and feel that would reflect the brand identity was a high priority for Jazz Pharmaceuticals, so selecting a number of innovative design customizations and introducing accent walls with strong color were two easy choices for the office interior. Elegant glass walls and double glazed door systems create a floor plan that’s both exciting and functional.

4. WD-40 Corporate Office Space – Milton Keynes, UK

The corporate office interior design of WD-40's corporate office space

Blending a rustic feel with forward-thinking design components, the WD-40 Corporate Office pays homage to the company’s long legacy and tradition while also communicating a clear vision for the future. Black Shoreditch Edition framework adds exceptional texture and detail to the curved glass walls to create a stunning style that’s perfect for sparking inspiration and encouraging excellence in the workplace.

5. Condé Nast Headquarters – London, UK

Condé Nast Headquarters

Installed with sleek glass wall systems that provide acoustic integrity and privacy, natural light fills the open floor plan of the Condé Nast Headquarters, to embrace the authenticity and classic vision of this iconic company. The floor plan reflects a visionary approach to teamwork and collaboration, by offering a dynamic combination of executive offices, meeting rooms, and quiet rooms to support the changing needs of team members – all in a beautiful space!

Creating Meaningful Impact with Creative Corporate Office Design

Extending far beyond the basics of having a space to work, the best corporate office interior designs create intentional environments for employees to feel valued, supported, and part of something bigger. Interior design can have meaningful impact and inspire employees to reach their full potential.

Ready to see more corporate office interior design photos? Get in touch with our team today to explore a variety of contemporary glass wall systems that are perfect for corporate office interior design!

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