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Commercial pocket sliding doors are on the rise in modern workplace interior design. Not only are pocket doors a practical option for saving space and creating a versatile layout, they’re also a great aesthetic addition to offices and retail spaces.

Whether you’re focused on form or function, commercial pocket doors have plenty of potential to achieve both. Learn how to enhance your workplace environment with the best commercial pocket doors on the market.

What Are Pocket Doors?

Unlike traditional doors that swing out from the wall via hinges, pocket doors are designed to slide laterally along a fixed track that is integrated above the door frame.

The adjacent wall features a narrow cavity that allows the pocket door to slide inside the wall, essentially disappearing from view and opening up the interior space. The term ‘pocket door’ is a nod to the practical functionality of the design that allows the doors to be tucked away into pockets built into the walls.

Pocket doors are a classic feature of historic residential homes and were commonly used in many Victorian and Georgian designs. They have also been gaining popularity in the modern workplace. Commercial pocket doors offer plenty of modern benefits—including both aesthetic advantages and practical space-saving qualities—that make them a smart choice for offices of every size and style.

Commercial Pocket Door Styles and Trends

From traditional to contemporary, there are many different styles to consider when selecting a commercial pocket door for the workplace. Material, design, and functionality should all be taken into account in the selection process. Here are some of the most popular styles of commercial pocket doors:

1. Traditional Wood

Traditional Wood

Wood is the most traditional option for pocket doors, and it brings an authenticity that can contribute to classic interior design tastes. Wooden pocket doors are best for historic buildings that have retained many of their original details like fanciful crown moulding and fireplaces. The drawbacks of commercial pocket doors crafted from wood are that they are quite heavy, flammable, and can sometimes look outdated amongst more modern decor.

2. Acoustic Performance Glass

Acoustic Performance Glass

Glass brings instant sophistication and elegance to commercial settings, and it can be customized to express an articulate aesthetic that complements the space. Acoustic performance glass is intentionally designed to deliver optimal soundproofing for the space—a huge advantage in the workplace.

3. Single or Double Panel

Single or Double Panel

Doorways can either feature a single pocket door that slides in and out from one side of the opening, or two pocket doors that each slide out from the two opposite walls to meet in the middle of the doorway in order to close the space. Existing room dimensions and office layouts may dictate which style is more adapted for the space.

4. Sustainable Designs

Sustainable Designs

Commercial pocket doors that feature sustainability in their design are highly sought-after. Look for reconfigurable designs that allow the door materials to be reused or rearranged in the future.

Top Benefits of Pocket Doors in Commercial Settings

In addition to form and function, there are many other benefits to using commercial pocket doors in the workplace:

Noise Control

Acoustic performance glass helps contain conversations to help create a quieter workplace. While sound privacy is appreciated in most work environments, it’s absolutely essential for some industries—including financial institutions, healthcare providers, and legal offices—that need it for confidentiality purposes.

Space Saver

Commercial pocket doors tuck into the existing wall when not in use, so they are excellent for small offices that want to maximize space.

Multi-Use Rooms

Versatility is a top priority in many modern offices. Commercial pocket doors provide the flexibility that allows a larger space to be quickly divided into smaller workstations when needed to maximize the potential of the workspace overall.

Open Concept Aesthetic

When tucked away, it’s easy to forget that pocket doors are even there! This clean, seamless style is fantastic for open concept interiors and offices that want to keep an open floor plan.

More Wall Decor

Unlike barn doors that slide along a rail that’s fixed to the outside of the wall, pocket doors rest within the interior of the wall. It allows furniture, file cabinets, or wall decor to remain in place along the outside of the wall, without risk of getting in the way of the door.

Examples of Modern Commercial Pocket Doors

Examples of Modern Commercial Pocket Doors

While it’s easy to see the practical advantages of commercial pocket doors, sometimes it’s helpful to see examples in order to get a grasp of how nice these doors can look. Even a single use of a commercial pocket door can really add to the interior aesthetics, and there are many ways to customize the style to achieve different design goals.

With a frameless sliding door leaf, an incredibly strong track, and practical acoustic seals, PurOptima’s Kinetic Seal sliding glass doors offer exceptional performance and style for the workplace. This particular design features a graphic glaze pattern and black hardware frames for a modern feel that fits the image of the company.

Bespoke styles are common with PurOptima glass pocket doors, and there are a variety of finishes and hardware selections to consider when dreaming up the ideal pocket door style for each setting.

PurOptima glass pocket doors

Kinetic Aero sliding glass doors are another great option for enhancing the acoustic performance of the room. PurOptima specializes in crafting stylish door and wall solutions that improve functionality and create a dynamic space that feels supportive for team members.

PurOptima Glass Doors Are Modern Solutions for the Workplace

PurOptima has all the resources you need to create a professional office landscape that values both practicality and style. Contact PurOptima to explore a vast selection of commercial pocket doors crafted from beautiful, acoustic performance glass!

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