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The best commercial office design ideas blend aesthetics and functionality, and provide practical spaces that can accommodate all sorts of work styles. Enclosed, singular office cubicles have been replaced by open, dynamic work spaces capable of adapting to the changing needs of the business and the employees.

With the right strategy, it’s possible to apply this dynamic approach toward commercial office design in a way that expresses modern, streamlined aesthetics as well. Take a look at some of the fundamental elements that are included in commercial office design trends today, as well as the top 5 design ideas to include in your next office remodel.

Top 5 Commercial Office Design Trends

Organizations may benefit from different combinations of these three spaces, however, there are other essential elements that can and should be included throughout the interior design scheme. Here are five of the top commercial office space design ideas that can be found in modern buildings today:

1. Open Layout with Enhanced Visibility

Open Layout with Enhanced Visibility

Open floor plans promote creativity, connection, and collaboration, which are valued attributes in today’s work environment. When room division is necessary to distinguish a space, like a conference room or independent booth, glass walls can help maintain visibility and an open layout feel.

2. Natural Light and Biophilic Designs

Natural Light and Biophilic Designs

Low-maintenance plants and greenery can elevate the interior design to provide a more pleasant work environment. For this reason, commercial office interior design ideas that feature large windows and glass partitions are prioritized.

3. Re-Imagined Break Rooms

Re-imagined Break Room with a modern office design

Break rooms are no longer tucked away into a small, hidden space. Commercial office design trends feature re-imagined relaxation spaces integrated throughout the floor plan, including lounge areas, game rooms, and furniture pieces that feel more like home.

4. Bespoke Branding

Modern Office Design Idea with Glass Walls

The most cutting-edge organizations operate in spaces that look and feel representative of the company’s identity. This means bespoke decor and color palettes that reflect the brand image.

5. Versatile Spaces that Adapt to Changing Needs

Versatile Spaces that Adapt to Changing Needs

Modern companies need to be comfortable with pivoting frequently. This dynamic mindset is best supported with commercial office interior design trends that are capable of remaining versatile. Dynamic spaces, reconfigurable, modular glass wall partitions, and multi-purpose designs are the way of the future.

Most Versatile Design Trend: Glass Partitions

When it comes to drafting the best commercial office space design ideas, it’s always helpful to identify materials and products that can deliver on more than one aspect of interior design. Glass wall partition systems are the versatile solution that help simplify commercial office design by ticking off several boxes at once.

Most Versatile Design Trend: Glass Partitions

Crafting conference rooms, individual booths, and shared work spaces is much easier with glass walls, because they provide the acoustic performance needed without closing off the space visually. Natural light can still filter through, to maintain the feel of an open office layout while dividing space in a practical manner that supports productivity. Furthermore, reconfigurable, modular glass wall partitions maximize versatility, and allow for the option to re-design the office layout in the future, if a different configuration is needed to meet the changing needs of the space down the line.

In addition to versatility and an open aesthetic, glass walls provide an abundance of options for branding and customization. Stylish frosted manifestations and finishing options allow organizations to modify visibility and privacy, while also creating an aesthetic appearance that matches their brand persona. Customized decals and designs can also be crafted to enhance commercial office designs with glass partitions.

Bring your commercial office interior design idea to life! Contact our experts at PurOptima today to explore a great range of high-quality, low-carbon glass wall systems for a beautiful and functional office interior!

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