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Commercial Interior design is used to blend the functionality and aesthetics of an office to create the optimal workplace – preferably one that impresses visitors and inspires employees.

Furniture, layout, colors, textures, materials – there is a lot to think about when designing an office space. While creative styles can catch the eye, not all commercial interior design trends have the long-lasting staying power of top interior design strategies.

Recent commercial interior design case studies show that there are some fundamental design strategies that consistently perform better than others. This article shines a light on the most successful commercial interior designs to provide practical guidance for those considering an office renovation.

Never Underestimate the Power of Commercial Office Space Design

When it comes to commercial interior design, there are a lot of moments when a design misstep can have costly consequences. The wrong office layout can lead to employees feeling cramped, disconnected, or altogether uninspired. The wrong colors can have a subconscious effect on mood, morale, and motivation. The wrong office furniture or outdated materials can lead to costly repairs, upgrades, and production delays down the line.

With so many opportunities to get it wrong, it’s a good idea to take commercial interior projects seriously and give them the time and attention they deserve. Creating a successful commercial interior requires acute awareness of the company’s values, workplace goals, and identity, along with intimate knowledge of design aesthetics that can embody the organization and inspire excellence.

Use the following tips and learn the basic building blocks of commercial workplace interiors.

Top 7 Interior Design Ideas for Commercial Properties

Research shows that these commercial interior ideas are utilized in some of the most successful modern offices:

1. Maximize Natural Light

Maximize Natural LightHarsh artificial lighting and enclosed spaces – common in traditional office buildings – can actually hamper productivity and make people feel cramped and confined. Large windows, high ceilings and glass walls can boost the amount of natural light that fills indoor office space.

2. Maintain an Open Floor Plan with Interconnected Spaces

Interior office design with open floor plan

Similarly, open floor plans have been implemented in many modern offices to increase collaboration, sharpen communication, and bolster a better work environment overall.

Instead of boxing off teams and filling the floor with isolated work stations, many commercial space designs create distinct zones using acoustic performance glass walls that maintain visibility and make work stations feel interconnected.

3. Opt for Organic Design with Natural Materials

Don’t fall for fads! Organic designs – which include raw materials like glass, metal and wood – express a timeless aesthetic that remains attractive regardless of current design fads.

4. Integrate Dynamic, Multi-Purpose Work Stations

Multi-purpose office design

Work is becoming increasingly dynamic, and the office landscape must adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of team members. Multi-purpose work stations – like individual booths, conference rooms, shared tables, and other multi-use spaces – should be adaptable to accommodate a variety of work styles, including small group collabs, remote workers, video conferencing, and independent workers.

5. Embrace Sustainability with Adaptable Furniture

Companies can reduce commercial interior design costs by planning ahead and selecting sustainable furniture, fixtures, and more. Instead of fixed walls, consider floating designs or glass wall partitions that are intentionally designed for adaptability and reuse which makes it easy to divide or expand space as needed.

6. Create Bespoke Elements that Embody Company Character

Office Space with Designs

Company values and teamwork are an essential part of creating a culture of collaboration and purpose. Patterns, accent colors, and customization can make the workplace feel true to its mission.

7. Add Relaxation Areas

Commercial interior design with relaxation areas

Swap the traditionally boring break room for more mature and welcoming spaces for workers to refresh. A cozy corner with a comfy sofa and lamp may be the right addition for some, while a dedicated game room with ping pong tables and snacks may be the right addition for others.

Check Out These Commercial Interior Design Projects for Inspiration

Want to see these commercial building interior design ideas in action? Let’s explore three case studies where we were able to create inspiring modern office design with our glass walls:

LinkedIn Offices in London, UK

LinkedIn Office in London

The industrial-inspired office space for LinkedIn features an open floor plan with smaller enclosed meeting spaces. Using sleek red frames, the stylish glass doors use LinkedIn’s brand colors to enhance the organic look of the office and unite business and aesthetics. Not only do the acoustic performance laminated glass make the room feel private, but it also helps maintain the open ambiance with easygoing, contemporary office design features.

Conde Nast Headquarters in London, UK

Conde Nast Headquarters

Allowing natural light to illuminate the offices was a priority for the Conde Nast headquarters located in London. Elegant glass wall systems accomplished this goal effortlessly by creating a beautiful space for employees to feel inspired. A combination of executive offices, meeting rooms, and quiet rooms reflect a dynamic approach to collaboration, which can be seen in this innovative office interior design.

Goodluck Hope Office in Orchard Place, London

Goodluck Hope Commercial Office Space

Striking double reeded glass partition walls create a warm and welcoming space for Goodluck Hope in London. The floor layout and ambient lighting gives this commercial office space a cozy and elegant feel that most modern offices today could benefit from having.

Enhance Your Commercial Interior Space with PurOptima

Interested in elevating your commercial space’s interior to modern sensibilities and functionality? Get in touch with our team today to explore a variety of contemporary glass wall systems that are perfect for commercial interiors!

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