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Avanti is a well-known name in glass wall systems, but it’s not your only option for designing a sleek, functional office space. It’s always a good idea to look at alternatives when bringing an interior project to life.

Whether you’re already familiar with Avanti glass systems or you’ve just heard the name, it’s best to familiarize yourself with other high-quality wall systems for comparison.

This article will line up two options for commercial glass walls – one of which may help you design unique, high-performance spaces and reduce your carbon footprint.

Glass office partitions continue to be a superior choice for interior wall solutions. Let’s briefly discuss Avanti wall systems and review a leading alternative – PurOptima – so you can find the ideal glass partitioning system for your office building.

Functionality, Aesthetics and Sustainability – the Allure of Glass Wall Systems

The office landscape has come a long way – especially in recent years as companies have had to accommodate for different ways of working. Unlike the old days when stark cubicles were deemed the best way to inspire workers into completing tasks, companies today are more focused on creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape that can help staff and visitors feel supported, connected, and engaged.

Glass wall systems have become the go-to design for workplaces across many industries because they afford certain benefits that traditional partitioning systems lack.

Boosting visibility and natural light, the office landscape feels larger and more open with glass wall systems. These unique partitions play with the illusion of space but still provide dedicated areas for individuals and small groups to get to work.

High-quality glass wall systems are even tested for acoustic performance, which means that the sound can be contained. Plus, bespoke manifestations with creative stylistic details allow for various levels of visibility. Curved installations, colorful finishes, and frameless styles – designers have a plethora of choice and adaptability when it comes to modern glass wall systems. Versatility is one of the main reasons that glass systems are being utilized in banks, schools, startups, law firms, hotels, tech companies, and more.

Whether you’re already shopping Avanti systems USA, PurOptima, or alternatives, it’s important to understand the vast degree of customization and creativity available when designing your office interior.

If privacy is a concern, look for products that provide certified acoustic performance with the high-quality design potential to keep office conversations protected. A frosted effect can also be utilized to reduce visibility without eliminating natural light.

If you’re trying to meet certain sustainability goals or initiatives, it’s also imperative to seek out glass wall systems with an adaptable design, like those with removable glass panels. Sustainable products cut down on material waste by allowing you to reconfigure the office layout as needed – by reusing the same core components of wall partitioning systems and ultimately reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Also, look for glass wall partitions that are manufactured with most sustainably sourced materials, delivering the lowest embodied carbon products.

Getting to Know Avanti Glass Wall Systems

Avanti glass systems demonstrate a range of beautiful designs, including frameless and freestanding partition systems, as well as pivot and hinged glass doors. They also offer a few options for sliding door designs, including barn doors, pocket doors, and assisted close doors. There’s no debate – Avanti glass wall systems offer an abundance of design potential.

Another benefit of shopping Avanti systems glass office products is that clients can get a clear expectation of what they’re purchasing. If you’re not sure about the difference between a single glazed wall and a double glazed wall, the detailed explanations on their website make it clear.

From an environmental standpoint, Avanti wall systems demonstrate some noteworthy achievements. For example, they meet various LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards for design and construction, and there are a number of LEED documents available online that review Avanti walls for recycled content, material reuse, and other factors. However, it’s not clear that reusability has been set as a priority in the partitioning designs, which could be seen as a significant downside to Avanti wall systems overall.

Best Sustainable Alternative: PurOptima Glass Partitions

Considered an exceptional alternative to Avanti glass systems, PurOptima is a standout for several reasons. Like Avanti Glass USA, PurOptima offers high-quality partitioning with exceptional acoustic quality, and striking visual design features but there are additional benefits to PurOptima glass partitioning.

First off, PurOptima has experience at the global level, and services diverse regions around the globe. Perhaps this is why the design options are so appealing.

Catering to a wide range of styles, including unique bespoke creations as well as elegant minimalistic designs, PurOptima has a more impressive range of design elements, which makes it a great alternative to the standard Avanti glass systems that are available. Innovative creations by PurOptima have led to beautiful workspaces in esteemed buildings around the world.

Sustainability is a leading element in PurOptima designs. In addition to manufacturing their award-winning glass partitions with a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer aluminum, PurOptima’s wall systems are also designed to be reusable and reconfigurable, which gives you an office interior that is adaptable – and is built with sustainability in mind.

PurOptima takes a holistic approach to sustainability, which means that their ethical standards go beyond reuse and recycling. Social and economic ethics are also a considerable part of their business model, which has earned them the EcoVadis Silver rating for business sustainability.

This is just the icing on top of the cake, because PurOptima offers an impressive selection of glass wall styles and bespoke designs that can elevate any workplace. Functional and adaptable – not to mention aesthetically stunning – PurOptima glass systems are a great investment that can adapt to fit your evolving office needs.

Avanti glass wall systems and PurOptima both have an exceptional selection of high-quality partitioning systems, but PurOptima brings a few added features to the table that may provide better long-term satisfaction.

Contact PurOptima today to explore an impressive selection of glass wall systems and find the smart, beautiful, sustainable solution for your space!

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