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Designing an effective office space requires clear knowledge and understanding about the business. Most advertising agency office designs feature functional elements enhanced by distinct design elements that sharpen the vision of the agency.

While there are many different advertising agency office designs that can prove functional – including contemporary and classic styles – it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of the core tenets that make up most advertising agency office designs.

5 Concepts That Drive Advertising Agency Office Design

When comparing the most successful advertising agency office designs, it becomes clear that there are a few common principles that drive this distinct area of workplace design. Take a look at some of the shared themes that drive modern advertising agency office design:


Advertising agencies are always looking for ‘the next big thing’ when it comes to dreaming up ideas – this element of anticipation is reflected in decor styles that feel simultaneously fresh and familiar. Always thinking a step ahead, sustainability – including reusable building materials – is quickly becoming a popular theme in modern advertising agency office design.


Clearly, creativity is a constant thread in any advertising firm. Office designs tend to reflect this, giving teams ample space to work, collaborate, and come up with fresh ideas. Office spaces that offer adaptable layouts and cater to various working styles are ideal for advertising agency office designs. Easily adaptable and modular by design glass walls create a variety of bespoke spaces to enhance the productivity and creativity in the office.


Glass walls are common in advertising agencies because they give an extra edge of transparency and connection that helps employees stay in tune with their colleagues and connect at the drop of a hat. Acoustic performance glass walls are ideal for providing visibility while also maintaining quiet work spaces.

Intentional Design

As a highly creative industry, it’s no surprise that advertising agency offices don’t mess around with inconsequential details. All elements of the design are intentional and impactful – from the selected patterns on walls and furniture to the bespoke hardware on the glass doors. Every detail matters and should reflect the character of the company.

Clarity of Thought and Presentation

Snappy, quick, and immediate impact – these are some of the values that advertising firms embrace, both in their work and in their work environment. Streamlined elements, minimalist decor, and functional spaces are prioritized.

6 Advertising Agency Office Design Ideas and Trends

6 Advertising Agency Office Design Ideas and Trends

How do these concepts show up in real advertising agency office designs? Take a look at six specific design trends that draw on these core principles found in advertising agency headquarters:

1. More Visibility, More Collaboration

More Visibility, More Collaboration

An advertising agency is an ultra-dynamic place to work. For that reason, office layout is usually built around the idea that colleagues will need space to work independently, in small groups, and in larger conference rooms – and that these spaces should be able to accommodate everyone.

Glass walls and doors fit right in with this idea of creating a fast-paced, dynamic office setting. The additional transparency allows colleagues to know when and where important conversations are happening, to foster an environment that prizes collaboration.

2. Coffeehouse Decor

Coffeehouse Decor

Many advertising agencies are embracing a more relaxed aesthetic designed to draw in a younger workforce. These advertising agency office designs may incorporate shared tables, natural elements, and rustic decor to reflect a laid back ambiance. In this case, acoustic glass walls are ideal for dividing space while still maintaining a wide open workspace that feels more like a cafe than a cubicle.

3. Intentional Color

Intentional Color

Color can be powerful in expressing certain emotions and ideas – just ask any advertising agency, but there are more ways to use color in advertising agency office design than simply painting the walls. Glass walls and doors can also be used as a canvas to reflect bold palettes that reflect the firm’s identity or vision. Glazed wallsand graphic patterns are a great way to incorporate color in an innovative and sophisticated way.

4. Minimalist-Chic Style

Minimalist-Chic Style

A minimalist aesthetic is another approach that reflects one of the core tenets of advertising agency design: clarity. By diving into a neutral color palette with carefully curated pieces and a streamlined layout, the office can feel like a blank slate for creatives to come up with their next big idea. Glass door and wall systems are instrumental in achieving this elegant aesthetic with an expansive look.

5. Curved Walls

Curved Walls

Custom curved walls create immediate impact that defines the workspace as a place to make bold choices and embrace visionary ideas. This forward-thinking creativity is essential in advertising agency office design – and easily achievable with PurOptima custom glass partition systems.

6. Custom On-Glass Graphics

In addition to manifestations, glass walls can be crafted to feature words and phrases in custom lettering. This is a great way for an advertising agency to display motivational messages, goals, or company values to inspire the team.

Elevate Your Advertising Agency’s Interior Design with Glass Wall Partitions from PurOptima

Creative glass wall systems are an excellent way to bring many of these advertising agency office designs to life. In changing office culture looking to maximize connectedness and great design, glass wall partitions are the first place to start. At PurOptima, we create all sorts of incredible solutions that will help you meet these important principles.

Contact our team today to learn more about bespoke glass doors and walls that can transform your office space!

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